About Lillemor


Who is she?


In change...

1960 Dreamer 0.01a1

She was born in Gothenburg, Sweden a magical evening 24 October.

1964 Dreamer 1.0

The dreamer had powerful conscious dreams that sometimes scared her, but she had the most wonderful Mom to guide her in her very intense inner world.

She was also a very wild but shy & stuttering child, except with her Mom with whom she could talk about everything.

Human & Woman on planet Earth

1,67 m x passion

65,8 inches x passion



1970 Angels1.0

Her Mother died in Cancer, and her spiritual world opened up very strongly.

The dreamer had to grow up fast through grief, but again her Mom guided her wisely from the Angel world.

1976 Angels 1.1

She moved away from home, found a new platform for herself. Started to work with Worldwide Shipping (transportation of cargo) and bought her own condo.

She played football and was quite happy, but not with trying to fit in. Deeply inside she longed for her Mom and her spiritual self, and she really felt pretty lost.

1980 Eternity 1.0

Allowed entrance into the source of God for major upgrades and maintenance!

She had an extremely profound Death-Resurrection-Experience, when she was clinically pronounced dead, in the events around and after a car crash. Met God, and much more.

Everything changed completely through this profound experience - and now she knew who she was, and much more...

1982 Eternity 1.1

She quitted her work, and took up her studies again: she read & studying 'everything' to understand mentally what she had experienced.

1983 Eternity 1.2

She moved to Stockholm to continue her studies. Beside her ordinary shool studies, she started to practice Yoga and studied Astrology and Shamanism.

1984 Eternity 1.3


She continued her study on Stockholm's University at Cultural Studies Program

She moved to Uppsala where she continued her studies at Uppsala University with Literature as her major field of study.

1986 Eternity 1.4

She quitted university as she couldn't see a goal with the studies.

She went deeply into studies about the spiritual part of yoga; meditation, tantra and kundalini yoga, nature medicine etc. At the same time her half-brother died, they were not that very close though. She moved back to Gothenburg.

1987 Eternity 1.5

Began with sessions of psychotherapy (that lasted 3 years).

She started to study Religion and Theology at the University of Gothenburg to do something meaningful while searching within.

1988 Eternity 2.0

Art found her during some Art classes she took. Finally she had found her expression, everything was right. Major upgrade!

The power of the incredible passion that was released in her art was at first very overwhelming for her, so it took about 3 years until she felt totally comfortable with it.

During that period of adjustment she also participated in writing courses, liberating singing courses & took singing lessons as well.

1993 Eternity 2.2

Studied Vedic Art & decided to not go into ordinary Art School on recommendation of a recognized artist.

The Art expression developed into an incredible, magical & transforming journey.

1994 Eternity 2.4

Dived deeply into shamanic studies in USA, and began 1995 to travel a lot besides her painting.

2003 Eternity 2.5

The web site began to grow.

2008 Eternity 3.0b


Her Brother committed suicide such a beautiful but horrible morning in May.

3 months later her old Father took his last breath too.

Her mental, emotional and physical life was in a major chaos! But in spirit & her art-space she had reached a plateau of steadiness, so she had a place of inner peace.

2011 Eternity Pro 3.1

A new journey has begun after some years of crisis and chaos. 4 new paintings presented on the website in 2011.

Finally out of beta, but the crisis and major upgrade took deep. But this woman have a life force to reckon with

2013 => Eternity Pro 3.2

New life is being born continiously in the creation of the art and life.

A profound work to build a new foundation from inside out is in progress. After such incredble intense years, a new balance and order takes form, in PEACE.

Free from the family-karma she now enjoys a new journey within all new that life now brings, with all her beautiful passion and depth of soul.